Nirvana Memorial Garden

Each person’s life is a tapestry woven together by their personal choices. Varied decisions will not only steer us toward diverse paths but also infuse our journey with a richer and more colorful spectrum.

In this process, pre-planning becomes crucial. Pre-planning is to ensure that we live life according to our own desires and goals, rather than drifting aimlessly. By setting plans and goals, we can better steer our own destiny and achieve our dreams. Furthermore, pre-planning helps us prepare for the various challenges life may throw at us. With clear plans and strategies, we can face uncertainty and difficulties with composure, knowing that we are on a well-defined path.

Conversely, without pre-planning, we may feel lost and helpless at critical moments. Without clear direction and goals, we might get lost in the whirlwind of life and struggle to make wise decisions. That’s why pre-planning is so important. Living with dignity is also one of the goals of our pre-planning. A dignified life means having the freedom to do what we want without being restricted or influenced by others. It allows us to pursue our passions and desires without worrying about others’ opinions or judgments. It also means having harmonious relationships with our family and loved ones, free from unnecessary conflicts and disputes, enabling us to deeply enjoy each other’s company.

Through proactive pre-planning, we can better achieve a dignified life. This means having clear objectives and plans in place to pursue our desires. We won’t need to rely on the charity or assistance of others because we’ve already laid a solid foundation for our future through pre-planning. On the other hand, without pre-planning, we might fall into a passive and dependent state. We may find ourselves repeatedly seeking help from others, losing our self-confidence and autonomy. This situation can lead to exhaustion and frustration because we can’t control our own destiny.

Therefore, advanced planning is not only the key to achieving dreams but also the path to a dignified life. Only through careful thought and meticulous planning can we better shape our lives, facing the future’s opportunities and challenges with unwavering confidence and a positive mindset. Such life planning will create a more fulfilling, dignified, and meaningful existence for us. Furthermore, as we bid farewell to this world, we can do so with a smile of contentment, knowing that we once lived a life so full of brilliance and purpose.