Nirvana Memorial Garden

As I flip through the faded pages of the album, a strange blend of nostalgia and sorrow washes over me. While recalling my broken relationship with my parents is painful, I realise that life is unpredictable and sometimes we must accept its changes in order to move ahead.
From that experience when I was ten, which has since embedded a sense of importance in communication and empathy within me, I have come to understand the necessity of open and candid dialogue for interpersonal harmony. It is essential to express our emotions and be receptive of each other’s thoughts and feelings in order to build positive connections.

As I matured, I began to recognize my mother’s fortitude and resilience as a single parent. She became my anchor, and the bond between us strengthened over time. While a family portrait was not possible due to prior events, her unconditional love and support proved to be more than satisfactory.
Nevertheless, it is never beyond the point of no return to bridge divides and restore bonds. Even if I am not able to take a photo with my parents together, I can still endeavor to build a connection with my father, whether through single photos or casual dialogues. Ultimately, memories are not only preserved in photographs but also in the sentiments and moments shared with our beloved ones.

The lack of a family photo has made me recognize the significance of cherishing and honoring each connection in my life. The aged, faded picture of us as a family is symbolic of the fact that relationships are fragile and require continuous nurturing and attention. It motivates me to be more mindful, to engage in deep conversations, and to appreciate even the minutest delights of life. In the end, it is not the photograph itself but rather the special moments shared that form indelible memories. I strive to make every opportunity count and forge relationships that will last a lifetime, be it with my parents or any other significant people in my life. Who knows – one day, I may discover new affiliations and connections that fill any gaps and construct brand-new reminiscences to add to my cherished album. This Parents Day, have you gave any thoughts about your parents?