Nirvana Memorial Garden

A Lifetime of Superheroes: An Ode to Mom and Dad

Parents. Oh, parents. My definition of them is like an old oak tree – a steady stronghold against the wildest of storms. They’ve taken on this role with no prior knowledge or experience, so they often bear the brunt of much criticism and blame. Even so, they must never let us see their pain nor pass on their own negative feelings. Instead, they impart sunny optimism into our lives—showing us that when stormy conditions arise, we should stay strong and keep on going. Eventually, the clouds will part and the sun return. And that depends greatly on how our parents have chosen to raise us. Bless them for it.

As the years pass by, we can’t help but feel a deep nostalgia for our beloved parents. With so much that we want to do for them, be it traveling together, joining them in their daily tasks, having meals with each other, or simply catching up on pleasant conversations – nothing can replace the power of presence. But even more essential is to shower each other with our love, sincerity and gratefulness. When we make the effort to be there for our parents in whatever capacity we can manage, when we greet them with thoughtful words and actions, we are able to bridge our relationship and let us savor the joy of true companionship. Celebrate the memories you have together and never forget those who remain steadfastly in support as you tackle life’s many challenges.

Where has the time gone? Slow down please.
“There are two people beside you,
Selflessly devoted, asking for nothing in return, just for your well-being.
These two people are your parents.
With their ordinary hands,
They built a warm shelter for you.
They only hope that you can grow up healthy and strong,
Despite enduring the wind and rain, they never uttered a word of complaint.
Willingly, they ensure you have food and clothing.
Children grow up, parents grow old.
Time, time, please slow down,
So that children have time to filially respect their parents.”

The memories of those we hold most dear, our parents, linger in our hearts. Even if life is busy, take the time to appreciate them while they are still here. Don’t let anything slip away, for life is fleeting and time passes too quickly. Let us savour this time together, before it becomes a distant dream in the past.

As time marches on, the two people closest to us remain by our side, giving without any expectation of return. They fight the tumultuous storms of life to build a safe haven for us and hope that we can become resilient despite all that comes our way. Never believing in complaint during hard times, they give us nourishment and clothes with an open heart. While their children grow older, their devoted parental love continues to linger–underscored by the longing wish that our lives will unfold without incident. Let us all take a moment to pause and reflect on those who have raised us and kept us secure with such steadfast love. Let us slow down and express the appreciation and filial respect that they deserve. Life is short; may we not waste away these precious moments but instead fill them with gratefulness.