Nirvana Memorial Garden


Dealing with the loss of a loved one is never easy. How do you go about choosing a funeral service in Singapore that best fits your needs? What about the funeral processes and arrangements? That is why the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) urges Singaporeans to partake in better end-of-life planning. Oftentimes, pre-planning gives the bereaving family a peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones will have a beautiful resting place. Here at Nirvana Memorial Garden (山庄), we provide funeral services, private columbarium, prayer services and ancestral pedestals for you to remember and memorialise your loved one. But before you embark on funeral planning for yourself and your loved ones, let us discuss in this article the factors to take account of prior to choosing the right private columbarium in Singapore for you.

What is the difference between a public and a private columbarium?

While the public columbarium is managed by the government, private columbariums are a more personalised and intimate option for those who wish to celebrate a person’s life. At a public columbarium, there may not be much freedom when it comes to choosing the right location or even flexibility of prices. Furthermore, they may not be the option for personalisation of niches at a public columbarium. Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) is a private columbarium in Singapore that offers a full suite of funeral services for Buddhists, Taoists, Christians, Catholics and even free thinkers. In a private columbarium, you can opt for a resting place at our premium suites, classic, modern, standard, maisonette or even family suites to house generations of family members. Depending on your needs and requirements, our services can be tailored to your needs and budget.  Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) columbariums are carefully designed to create an atmospheric and soothing environment so that family members can memorialise a loved one in peace.

What services are offered at a private columbarium?

Besides providing an extensive range of niches in our columbarium, we also do provide the following:
  • Ancestral Pedestals: To keep up with the evolving needs of our community, we offer Pedestals to honour the life of your loved ones, in place of an altar at home. 
  • Funeral Service Packages: From caskets, urns, catering and photography services, Nirvana provides comprehensive funeral service packages so that the bereaving family can have a peace of mind. Be it immediate funeral services or pre-planning, do contact us so we can assist you.  
  • Prayer Services: Our memorial garden is fully equipped with facilities, a beautiful environment and exemplary service. As such, we extend our services to offer prayers for three occasions — prayer services within a year of the newly departed, subsequent prayers (for Chinese Festivals, Ancestors’ Birth and Death Anniversary) and also prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings.
If you’re looking to plan for you and your loved ones’ funeral needs, let us guide you through, With our expertise and professionalism, Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) is committed to ensure that your funeral arrangements and processes are seamless and worry-free. Moreover, with our dedicated facilities, let Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) be your choice of a final resting place. If you wish to find out more about our services, you can contact us or drop a call at 6397 2272.