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What once used to be taboo and rarely discussed, is now becoming a constituent in our lives talking about death and funerals. Often, we get caught off guard when faced with the news of a loved one’s passing. In the midst of a difficult period, you will need to make certain decisions and arrangements in a short time. To ensure you know what services you’re paying for and that you receive what you need, we’ve prepared a list of five things you should know before engaging a funeral service provider in Singapore
As an integrated bereavement care provider in Singapore, Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) has over three decades of experience, bringing you premier services in funeral planning and arrangements. Let us bring you through a comprehensive list of factors to note so you can arrive at more informed decisions before planning for a funeral service in Singapore.

1. Religion & culture

Religion and culture play a big part of planning for a funeral. Hence, it is crucial to find out if the bereavement care provider is religiously or culturally affiliated. If so, it is important to note which religions they cater their services for too. Here at Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄), we provide resting places for the religious and the non-religious as well as cater to people of different faiths and cultures. This is because the funeral rites for each religion differs. Engaging a service provider who understands your needs and wants will ensure a more seamless and enriching experience when planning for funerals. If you wish to find out what is the funeral etiquette for the respective religions, do contact us to find out more.

2. Products & services

Understanding the provider’s services and aligning your expectations is important and should be done before proceeding with any other arrangements. Moreover, apart from what is offered, you can enquire about services that fulfil you or your family’s requirements, be it additional embalming or encoffinment services. You may also want to consider if your recently deceased loved one had left any instructions on how he/she wishes for her funeral to be arranged. This will give you a clearer picture on what needs to or can be done moving forward. For starters, Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) provides the following funeral services:
  • Consultation
  • Embalming Handling & Encoffinment Service
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service
  • Other Ancillary Services 

3. Budget & pricing

There are many factors that attribute to the overall cost of arranging for a funeral. Thus, having a clear idea of how the funeral service should be held will prevent unnecessary expenses. Ultimately, the products and services provided should justify the cost that you’re paying. Some questions you could ask yourself include if their services are affordable? And do they offer flexibility in their packages?  At Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄), we know that funeral planning is a sensitive matter. As such, we offer five pre-arranged plans for our clients. These plans come in different price ranges to address every budgetary concern and are suitable for people of various religions like Taoist, Buddhist and Christian faiths. Our flexibility extends to our price and packages as well, where you can choose to further personalise the plans according to your individual needs.

4. Facilities

A funeral can be either grand or simple. Depending on the deceased’s instructions or the grieving family’s wish, different facilities or amenities can come into play. For instance, if you require an ancestral pedestal or even prayer services, do enquire if the provider is able to supply you with the necessary logistics. Moreover, if you would like to opt for a more private and specialised resting place for your loved one, study your different options available before making a decision.

5. Your wants & needs

The right bereavement care provider ensures that all your funeral needs and concerns are met, on top of rendering assistance as and when needed. Not only do they shoulder the responsibility of the funeral arrangements, they would also provide a meaningful memorial service and funeral wake for your loved ones. Should you feel that certain services or products are irrelevant or unnecessary, do reject and select only what you need. You may also wish to visit the organisation in person to get a better grasp of what the company offers.  In times of distress, a helpful bereavement care provider can go a long way. Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) bereavement care officers are on call 24 hours a day and we are ready to render our help when the need arises. If you’re looking to engage with the right funeral service in Singapore, let us attentively guide you and bring you through our services that we offer so you can focus on what’s more important. Contact us or drop us a call 6397 2272 today.