Nirvana Memorial Garden

Late one night, I was losing myself to work when the phone rang; it was my father. As much as I loved my dad, we hadn’t spoken in ages, and his call evoked a mix of joy and concern. It got me wondering why we strive for the things we do, and why we sometimes forget the essential relationships in life. Fathers, too, can show affection and protectiveness without expecting anything in return. We chatted about everything from polite greetings to our well-being, finding practical solutions for our respective struggles.

As we spoke, I realized how important it was to ensure that my father could live out his days with dignity, according to his wishes and choices. He has always been there for me, and now I want to ensure that we honor his desires and allow him to enjoy his life without worrying about burdening us. With each word, I felt closer to my father and appreciated all the life lessons he taught me. After all, a father is a mentor, a driver, a dad, and much more. His resilience is inspiring, and he never allows his emotional struggles to burden his children. If a mother symbolizes tender water, a father is unquestionably a sturdy mountain, offering us a sense of security.

A father’s love may be understated, but it’s always there, even if he never utters, “I love you, my child.” The love and protection he gives surrounds me, keeping me content. Remembering my father’s sacrifices and dedications made me realize I needed to be more considerate towards my family and share the responsibilities that come with it. With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to express my gratitude and love. He is indeed an extraordinary dad and the eternal harbor for his children. So, let’s wish all fathers a Happy Father’s Day.

Moreover, let this serve as a reminder for us to initiate conversations with our parents about their wishes, including matters of life and death. Though tough to talk about, it’s vital to ensure that we can honor their wishes when the time comes. By encouraging such discussions, we shape a more peaceful transition for them and alleviate some emotional stress. Encourage children to talk about these topics with their parents as well, so they can understand the value of pre-planning and have a sense of how they can help in the future. This way, we can all support our parents and ensure they live their lives as they intend, free from worry and full of dignity and grace. Let’s not forget what family ultimately means, and how essential these connections are in our lives.

As Father’s Day approaches, let us surround our fathers with love and appreciation through actions and gifts of love – Happy Father’s Day.