Nirvana Memorial Garden

Amidst my seemingly insurmountable challenges in an unfamiliar locale, I spent countless nights gazing up at the stars with tears flowing down my face. My heart longed for the fond recollections of home – a refuge where I could feel comforted by the arms of my parents and savor beloved homemade delicacies. Home, that is my haven.

When the day of leaving home came, I longed to reverse time and shrink myself like Doraemon so I could still enjoy my mother’s exquisite cooking and take my parents on journeys to the mountains and rivers. Yet I remained unable to break free due to various obstacles and gradually began drowning in regret for all the chances I had missed. Through it all, the memory of their smile kept me buoyant.

Motivated to avoid any further regret, I made a bold and determined decision to go home. For some time, guilt and self-blame had kept me in an almost paralyzing prison of my own making. But now my resolution was firm. Without delay, I booked a flight online and shared the news with my parents; their exuberant tones on the phone rising by eight decibels of joy! In an instant, our hearts were closely connected – this is love.

As I eagerly anticipated my return home, I could not help but feel excited. The date of my flight to my hometown was nearing, and most of my conversations with my parents revolved around what gifts to bring them. I believe this is the sentiment of those living away from home — returning just once or twice a year, every moment spent together is a rarity that is held especially dear. Thus, I am determined to find ways to strike a balance between the two places and carve out ample time with my beloved parents. Through this endeavor, we will build memories that will remain embedded in my heart even when I need to depart once again for work.

As for me, the love for my parents radiates deeply within me. How about you?