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Honouring the deceased and comforting the living is my greatest satisfaction.

Honouring the deceased and comforting the living is my greatest satisfaction.

“I have had the opportunity to work with many families during their time of bereavement and have learned that funeral service is not just about honoring the memory of the deceased, but also about providing comfort and closure to the living.

I remember one family who had recently lost their mother. They were all heartbroken and unsure of how to say goodbye. I met with them to discuss the arrangements for the wake and reception. We talked about their mother’s life, her favorite foods and songs.

I wanted to make sure that the wake and reception would be a reflection of their mother and provide a comforting atmosphere for the family and friends. So, we served her favorite dishes and played her favorite songs. We also created a photo montage and guestbook for everyone to share their memories and condolences.

During the wake, I saw the family’s faces light up as they recognized the dishes their mother loved, and heard her favorite songs playing in the background. It was clear that the details we had included in the wake were providing them with comfort and closure. Many of them came up to me afterwards to thank me for creating a memorable and meaningful service that honored their mother’s memory.

I believe that as a provider of hospitality service in such circumstance, it’s not only important to pay attention to the little details, but also to actively listen to the families and understand their needs. It is through this process that we can provide a truly personal and meaningful experience that will help them find comfort and closure.”