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SPONSORED CONTENT DECLARATION: This content is brought to you by Nirvana Memorial Garden, Courtesy of their Life Education Series Campaign. This article discusses how we can discover our preferences and needs about our after-life care arrangement by answering this simple questionnaire.

Death is a topic that needs more attention, after all, everyone faces it eventually, and that the way we choose to be remembered should be a reflection of our own personality and passions.

Now, the average lifespan of Singaporeans is roughly 83 years old, and it may seem like a long time before anyone of us really ponders about death and its implications. But I believe people should be given opportunities to do so from time to time in different stages of life, to wonder, ponder, or even casually reflect on their preferences for their perfect celebration of life.

To make things simple, we have decided to come up with a short exercise, where you can at your own pace, and comfort, discover about the end of life, and also your preferences.  Your answers and selection will be emailed to you at the end of the exercise for your own future references.

What will you need?
3-5 minutes of your time.
A quiet environment where you can truly reflect on yourself.

What’s next?
Now that you have done up this simple quiz and gain a better understanding of your preferences. What else should you look out for in your journey in after-life care planning?

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Live Life, Love Life
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