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In our previous article, we have addressed the importance of early end-of-life pre-planning and its practicalities to families in our modern society. We have also pointed out three main aspects of Singaporeans attitudes are towards death, and how our society, is gradually opening up to the idea of end-of-life preplanning.

Following up on the series of articles, we will discuss more on the available care options in Singapore and how you can plan for your retirement years. There are predominately two care options available in Singapore 1.) Care at Home, and 2.) Stay in Care.

Care at Home
1.Home Environment
If you would like to be cared for at home, a key consideration in the preparation of your home environment. Areas to look into include installing anti-slip bathroom tiles and grab bars for fall prevention, and ramps at the main entrance for easy access. If you are eligible, the home preparation can be done under the Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme offered by the Housing Board Development (HDB).

2.Medical Equipment/ Assistive Devices
Assistive devices such as wheelchairs and home healthcare items such as adult diapers help the elderly age in place. The Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) extends subsidies to Singaporean seniors to help offset the cost of these items and support aging in place.

3.Availability of Caregiver
Who would you like to care for your practical needs and/or be your decision-maker if you are unable to make care decisions for yourself and require a full-time caregiver one day? If your loved ones are unable to do so, options to consider include hiring a Foreign Domestic Worker, Live-in caregiver, or Home Personal Care services to assist in your personal care. Do explore the various options with your family.

4.Additional Support
You can also tap on community resources to support you and your caregiver.

Stay-in Care
1.Nursing Home
Nursing homes are long-term residential care facilities that provide support to those who require assistance in their activities of daily living and/or nursing care needs. Some nursing homes are

2. Inpatient Hospice
The inpatient hospice supports those who are terminally ill and their families to cope with the process of dying and to provide relief to end-of-life patients who require inpatient care.

3. Community Hospital
Community hospitals provide care and support to those who require a short period of continuation of care after their discharge from an acute hospital.

Planning ahead helps us understand more about our preferences and the care options available when we still have the capacity to make informed decisions for ourselves. Our values, beliefs, attitudes, and even our past experiences, impact our preferences, eg. where we would like to be cared for near the end of life. While it may sound like a daunting project to start on, why not start by attending Grief Matter’s very first public symposium on Death Education and Caregiving.

First public symposium on Death Education and Caregiving (Mandarin) Our community partner Grief Matters and their very first public symposium on Death Education and Caregiving, joined by Professor Lin Chi-Yun, Head of College of Human Development and Health, Department of Thanatology and Health Counselling, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. And Mr Eric Wu, Writer, radio host, business management consultant, and barista. 20 years of caregiving experience to parents. They will share their knowledge on understanding the behaviors of caregivers and the importance of death education.

Eldercare is no easy feat and we understand that it’s not easy to cope with these challenges alone. We all need support at some time so if you do, find out more about this virtual event. click here.

Live Life, Love Life.

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