Nirvana Memorial Garden

As one of the premier funeral services in Singapore, Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) provides funeral services, private columbarium, prayer services and ancestral pedestals. In Singapore, there are both private columbariums and government-managed columbaria to cater for burial needs. For those looking at a private columbarium in Singapore, Nirvana provides private columbariums at different price points to suit different needs. You can consider premium suites all the way to classic, modern and family suites to house generations of family members. Do bear in mind with the recent pandemic, Choa Chu Kang Cemetery and government columbaria are to reopen under Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening in addition to private columbariums and Lim Chu Kang columbarium. For those whose loved ones have passed away due to the pandemic, strict guidelines are to be followed for cremation or burial of victims. At Nirvana, we understand the sentiment of embracing proud traditions and culture. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive suite of funeral services and memorial services to honour and uplift life.

When it comes to cremation or burial, it will be up to the deceased’s will, religion or chosen by the family in the funeral service package. Columbariums can be chosen by Buddhist, Taoists, Christians, Catholics and free thinkers.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a facility dedicated to respectfully storing the cremated remains of the deceased. With land becoming more scarce and expensive, many opt for ash scattering, cremation and columbariums to save on costs and future maintenance.

What types of columbariums are available

In Singapore, there are both public and private columbariums with niches for sale.

For government-managed columbaria, the National Environment Agency (NEA) provides public cremation, and columbarium services at the following facilities:

For private columbariums, Nirvana Memorial Garden has 3 blocks where our columbarium niches consist of Premium, Modern, Classic and Standard, Mansionette and Family Suites in different designs and themes. Our columbariums have various themes to help create a respectful, modern and comfortable environment for guests and family members to pay their respects.

Can my ashes be put in a columbarium?

If you are ever in doubt, you can drop us a message or do a quick search for burial customs for the different races and religions. At Nirvana, our columbariums cater to religious and the non-religious making it a welcome place for all.

How can I reserve a niche in a columbarium?

For those who would like to reserve a niche beforehand, drop us a message and we will do our best to assist you. If not, making a will or choosing a funeral package beforehand can help to note down any requests before your or any individual’s passing. Planning a funeral service in Singapore can also be expensive, planning ahead and putting your affairs in order can also ease your passing for your loved ones.

At Nirvana, we take pride in caring for life. As an organisation, we are able to merge modern and traditional elements of our culture while still respecting and dignifying the passing of a loved one, friend or family member. Choose Nirvana to give the deceased a dignified and worthy send-off.