Nirvana Memorial Garden

In Singapore, there are various funeral services to cater to the different religions and cultures in our multi-ethnic society. One of the more common options is to store the cremated remains of the deceased in a columbarium. In order to do so, the bereaving family generally has two choices — either to store it in a public columbarium or in a privately-managed facility like Nirvana Singapore. In this article, we’ll discuss the differentiating factors and all you need to know between a public and private columbarium in Singapore.

What is a Columbarium?

A columbarium is a dedicated facility or a wall, room, or building with niches that store cremation urns and is a sacred final resting place for loved ones. While the other common option is to scatter the ashes at sea, Buddhist, Taoists, Christians, Catholics and free thinkers often opt to store the cremated ashes in a columbarium. 

The Public Columbaria

As the name suggests, the public columbaria in Singapore is open to the public and are managed by the government. There are three government-managed columbaria, namely — the Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, Mandai Columbarium and Yishun Columbarium. While bookings for government-managed columbaria can be made online for both Choa Chu Kang and Mandai Columbarium, do note that however, Yishun Columbarium is no longer available for booking. Albeit, it is conveniently located at the heartlands of Yishun Ring Road and is open to the public daily for visitations.


The prices for all government-managed columbaria is standardised and allocated sequentially. There are terms and conditions to be followed as it is a shared space and personalisation will be subjected to the National Environment Agency’s approval. For those considering pre-planning their funeral needs and services, do note that advance booking of niches is generally not allowed in a government-managed columbaria. Here is a quick look at the costs involved if you were to select a niche in a public columbarium:
Fees (for all government columbaria)
Niche (standard) $500
Niche (family) $900
Applicants do also have a choice should they wish to be allocated a niche, or select a niche of their own — of which comes at a selection fee of $250 for every niche selected. 

A Private Columbarium

For private columbariums, there is a little more leeway for personalisation as well as planning ahead for your funeral needs. Here at Nirvana, we are a dedicated bereavement care provider who is committed to paying homage to the departed soul. As such, we offer a comprehensive suit of funeral services to cater to your needs and wants, including pre-planning.  Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is a columbarium that consists of Premium, Modern, Classic and Standard, Mansionette and Family Suites in different designs and themes. Designed to allow family members a comfortable and serene environment to pay their respects, clients can choose a final resting place that suits their preferences.


The costs involved for a private columbarium varies according to the services you’ve engaged, including personalisation options and type of niche selected. For a detailed quote or assistance on Nirvana Memorial Garden’s services, do contact us for more information.  If you’re on the search for a private columbarium, look no further. Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) is committed to ensure that your funeral arrangements and processes are tailored to your needs. With our premium and exclusive niche options, Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) be your choice of a final resting place. Learn more about our services when you contact us or drop a call at 6397 2272.