Nirvana Memorial Garden
More often than not, when one searches for ‘funeral service in Singapore’ the need for such a service is imminent, if not immediate. Unfortunately, during the circuit breaker in Singapore, funerals were subject to strict measures. Entering Phase 3, the authorities have eased restrictions for funerals but there are still things one needs to know about funerals while safe distancing Choosing the best funeral service There are many companies offering funeral services in Singapore. However, knowing what you want, your family wants and respecting the wishes of the deceased should be taken into account when funeral planning and making the funeral arrangements. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we are known for our high degree of professionalism and sensitivity while assisting our clients and their family members through the grieving process. Planning a funeral service should not be taken lightly so as to send off your deceased loved ones with the utmost dignity and respect. Here are 5 exemplary things that Nirvana’s funeral services have to offer — premium funeral service packages, private columbariums, all-female embalmers and beauticians, Journey With Love spa treatments and a variety of prayer services and Qing Ming prayer packages. When considering a funeral service, you should know the deceased’s religion and culture, the funeral service’s services and products, your budget and funeral service package prices and facilities. Here are 5 things to know about Nirvana funeral services.

Funeral service package

Aiming to be comprehensive yet fuss-free, Nirvana offers funeral service packages at different price points to suit every budget and are suitable for different denominations. Through providing options and personalisation, we cater to different requirements while allowing the family to send off their loved ones with the respect and dignity they deserve. 

Overview of Nirvana Funeral Service Package

  • Consultation
  • Embalming Handling & Encoffinment Service
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service
  • Additional Products & Service

Private columbarium in Singapore

As the first private columbarium in Singapore, Nirvana Memorial Garden provides a variety of religious, luxurious, classic, and modern-themed areas to suit the needs of many. With 3 existing columbariums, we create a respectful, modern and comfortable environment for guests and family members to visit and pay their respects.

Overview of the 3 Nirvana columbarium:

  • Block A (Ju Xian Dian 聚仙殿) — A majestic Buddha Statue will welcome guests at the main lobby. A small bamboo forest with streams of water flowing in the background help to create a peaceful and tranquil environment.
  • Block B (The Main Hall 三圣殿) — The Main Hall houses the Holy Trinity of the Samsara World. There are three golden Buddha statues — Amitabha Buddha (阿弥陀佛), Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (观世音菩萨) and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩萨) create a peaceful and reverent atmosphere. 
  • Block C (Ju Fu Dian 聚福殿) — A modern and standard columbarium with no religious figures or artefacts that is suitable for free thinkers and all.

Female embalmer and beauticians 

One unique service by Nirvana Singapore is the option to have an all-female team of professional embalmers and beauticians attend to the deceased. This all-female team was introduced to ensure that deceased females can be embalmed and treated with the same dignity and respect accorded to the female body. Knowing that certain races and religions do require this, Nirvana Singapore has this all-female team to put your family at ease knowing that the body is treated with respect and care.

Journey with love

For many who pass away due to old age or illnesses, death can alter a person’s features in an unpleasant way. Journey with Love is Nirvana’s signature spa treatment for the deceased to help prepare the body for the family. Through this service, we involve the family members and help them through the grieving process. Our team of all-female professional embalmers and beauticians will prepare the body with a facial, body massage, dressing and make-up to create a positive memory for all. Our commitment is that all deceased are to be treated with care, respect and dignity to help the family grieve and begin healing from their loss. 

Prayer services

In addition to offering prayer services during the wake and/or funeral service, we also provide general worship and prayer services and Qing Ming prayer packages. This is in accordance with Chinese death rituals and celebrating Chinese traditions that emphasise virtues like filial piety together with the inclusive religious cogitation of Buddhism.  These prayer and worship services include:

Year of Passing:

  • Settling the spirit of the departed
  • Paying respects and offerings to the spirit of the departed
  • End of the mourning period to the spirit of the departed
  • Shi Jin (Bone Picking, the relocation of remains)
  • Changing of Urn
  • Interment of Urn (Moving of urn into a niche)
  • Settling the ancestral tablet
  • Zuo Qi
  • 100-day
  • Anniversaries
  • Dui Nian
  • 3rd Year

Subsequent years and subsequent Prayers (Chinese Festivals and Ancestors’ Birth and Death Anniversary):

  • Birth anniversaries
  • Death anniversaries
  • Qing Ming Festival
  • 7th Month
  • Chinese New Year/Yuan Xiao Festival/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Winter Solstice

Religious prayers:

  • Offerings or Prayers to Avert Misfortunes and Sufferings
  • Prayers for longevity and prosperity
  • Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony
  • Transcending the infant spirits
  • Resolving of Karma debtors

Choosing the right funeral service in Singapore

Regardless of which funeral service you choose to go with, being able to respect the wishes of the deceased and the family should be the top priority.  When it comes to funeral needs in Singapore, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly and professional staff. We are here to assist you and to make this process as easy for you as possible. You can contact us or drop a call at 6795 3070 or Whatsapp us at 6397 2272.