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According to the Ministry of Health National Population Survey 2020, it was discovered that younger adults aged between 18 to 29 had the highest proportion of poor mental health.

Due to the pressures of adulting, growing educational costs, the cost of living, and the influence of social media, mental health issues among young people have been on the rise. In recent years, more have paid more attention to mental health issues among youth and teenagers, helping to break the stigma that results in many youths not wanting to discuss it and being afraid to speak up if they need help.

As we go about our daily activities, we may encounter challenges and experience unexpected circumstances. Look at different indications that we might require help to be able to recognize changes occurring within us. Know that it is okay to REACH OUT to others for support and for others to check in with others from time to time if we notice these changes.

  • Feeling more tired than usual
  • Having negative thoughts
  • Interests no longer spark joy
  • Easily overwhelmed
  • Becoming angry quickly
  • Avoid social interactions
  • Appetite loss
4 practical tips to apply for better balance!

Establishing Boundaries

Work can be easily overwhelming and easily stressful when boundaries arent established. Having a schedule in check and making sure that you adhere to a set routine and sticking to it can help tremendously in getting you organized and feeling more in control, maintaining a good mental health balance. Having a job that you enjoy and feel good about is important for overall mental well-being, but isn’t the only factor that needs to be considered. Establishing healthy boundaries with your coworkers can help reduce stress levels and make work more manageable as well.

Lead Authentic Lives

Being authentic means that you are confident and comfortable about who you are. And you live life knowing that your thoughts and contributions are respected and valued. No matter what, it’s about being true to yourself, and not letting society or expectations of others control your life. Being authentic is also about being real, which means speaking your mind freely, taking risks, embracing your quirks, and also being true to yourself, no matter what others might say or think.

Practise Self-Love

There’s more to life than work! When we focus on taking care of ourselves, it can help us live healthier and happier life. Practicing self-love can help us manage our emotions, increase our resilience, and build self-confidence. It can also lead to more fulfilling relationships and a greater sense of well-being. Set aside time to recharge and revisit activities and hobbies that you have put off for a long time!

Exercise and have sufficient sleep!

If there is anything our conventional wisdom has reminded us of, it is that both mental and physical health are equally important. when someone is in a good mental state, they exude positivity, warmth, and energy in their interaction and work. Exercising regularly has been linked to a lowered risk of developing mental illness, including depression. In fact, people who engage in physical activity have a significantly lower risk of developing depression than those who do not exercise. Exercise can also improve your mood and concentration, making it a great way to boost your mental health. Additionally, getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy mind and body.

Don’t let mental discrimination hold you back from leading your best life out there! It is important to remember that it is okay to reach out for support, it is also important to establish boundaries between work and life. It is essential to lead authentic lives and practice self-love. Exercise and get enough sleep so that you can be your best self both at work and at home!

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