Nirvana Memorial Garden

Most times, people are caught off guard when a death happens in the family. It is normal that you wouldn’t know where to start, if you’re planning a funeral or looking to embark on your funeral pre-planning journey. That’s where bereavement care providers or funeral homes come in and play a part.  At Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄), we’re an integrated bereavement care provider in Singapore that provides funeral services that give you and your loved ones a peace of mind. With a decade of experience in memorial park operations, Nirvana prides ourselves on paying tribute to life as well as caring for it. In this article, let us bring you through  understanding the different funeral services available at Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) and the different facets to arranging a funeral.

Funeral Services at Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄)

We offer funeral packages and plans for immediate need as well as for pre-planning purposes. While the immediate funeral services serve clients who require urgent assistance, the Nirvana Funeral Service Packages are available for customers who wish to pre-plan their own funeral, or for their loved ones. The Nirvana funeral service packages are tailored to our customers’ needs and wants or personalisations and according to their respective cultural and religious practices. To make the process easier for our clients, we combined our products and services into four easy-to-choose pre-arranged plans. These plans come in different price ranges to address every budgetary concern and are suitable for those of the Taoist, Buddhist and Christian faiths. Moreover, we offer the option of personalisation to cater best to our client’s wants and needs.

Nirvana Funeral Service Packages

We understand the costs of funeral services in Singapore and that is why we aim to provide our clients with the best services and products at affordable prices. With these packages, you would not need to worry about hidden costs as our packages are transparent and priced competitively. The four Nirvana Funeral Service Packages are as follows:
  1. NV Longevity
  2. NV Grace
  3. NV Supreme
  4. NV Legacy
While our funeral service packages can be personalised according to individual needs, all our funeral service packages include:
  • Embalming Handling and Encoffinment Services
  • Preparation of Memorial Ceremony
  • Coordination of Funeral Service and Memorial Ceremony
  • Funeral Procession Service
  • Cremation & Retrieval of Ashes
Now that you know the different Nirvana Funeral Service Packages available, let us bring you through what you can expect from the packages and how it works.

Step 1: Planning

The first step is to choose a Nirvana Funeral Service Package of choice. As and when you need, our 24-hour careline allows clients to contact our service representatives at any point in time to guide you through. 

Step 2: Transportation

The next action would be to transport the body of the deceased. Upon the death of a loved one, our team will be able to assist in securing the body of the deceased and transporting it before the wake and funeral. The Nirvana funeral service packages also include the option of selecting the necessary transportation for the funeral procession where clients can opt for the use of a limousine, hearse or even an air-conditioned bus. 

Step 3: Documentation

Beyond the funeral itself, bereaving family members would need to coordinate and handle paperwork with regards to the reporting of death or even obtaining the burial permit. With Nirvana’s Funeral Service Packages, you can leave it in the hands of our professional staff to manage the necessary documentation and paperwork.

Step 4: Funeral Organisation

Nirvana Memorial Garden (富贵山庄) Singapore prepares everything needed for the memorial ceremony as well as the funeral procession. From decorative pieces, cremation caskets or even manpower support, you can have a peace of mind as Nirvana takes on the coordination of the funeral service and memorial ceremony.   Regardless of which Nirvana Funeral Service Package you opt for, Nirvana has a wide network of professional authorised agents who are always ready to lend a helping hand. Let us assist you and make the process of funeral planning as smooth as possible. Do not hesitate to reach out to our warm, professional staff and you can contact us or drop us a call at 6397 2272.