Nirvana Memorial Garden

History & Milestone

History & Milestone


In January 2022: FRECCIA. The first and only one of its kind in Asia, we are debuting our luxurious and stunning custom hearse as part of our sophisticated selection for families who wish to send their loved one off in style. "An exclusive service only for our privileged clients."


In October 2020: Journey with Love, First in Asia signature spa treatment is delivered by a team of professionally trained female embalmers & beauticians dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for the deceased body.


In April 2018: We have been awarded the title "Largest Bereavement Company in Singapore" by Singapore Books of Record (SBOR)


In April 2017: We commenced sales of Funeral Service Packages.


In June 2016: We attained extended lease tenure from 2029 to 2098.


  • In January 2009: We began operating Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte Ltd.