Nirvana Memorial Garden

Every year’s Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated differently here in Nirvana Memorial Garden.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, We are brought the Carnival to our customers. Spoiling them with popcorn, cotton candies & various food stalls.  Like Popcorn is to the cinema: We have also prepared exciting game booth with exciting prizes to be won.

What’s more, This was the first ever movie screening conducted in Nirvana Memorial Garden!

Nirvana Memorial Garden and local veteran radio DJ Huang Wenhong have teamed up to launch a series of life education exploration programs. Leading people to examine their very own unique and wonderful life in retrospect.

A series of activities including reading and sharing sessions, life workshops, death cafes, and writing letters of appreciation. will enable you to see your life from a new perspective through various mediums.

The metaphor of an ‘elephant in the room’ refers to an obvious problem that people do not want to talk about. Similarly, although mental health issues are prevalent in our community, talking about them is often shunned and avoided.

The Elephant in Our Community is a public education campaign on mental health by Shan You, in partnership with Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore