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What You Should Know Before Choosing A Funeral Service in Singapore

A loved one has departed, and they deserve dignified send-off. A wake and funeral may last a few days, but there is much to consider and prepare, and possibly to settle even after the all is done and dusted. Engaging a good funeral service provider will save you the hassle. A qualified funeral service provider or funeral director will have everything taken care of, from arranging the casket, through to getting the relevant licenses, preparing and purchasing the details, and settling all payments properly. Here are some things you should know and consider, before deciding on a funeral service provider and package.
  • Credibility of Service Provider
Funeral matters carry with it a load of responsibility. It should only be undertaken by experienced, and credible, funeral service providers. Look out for a director or company with a good reputation in the market, or through recommendations from family and friends.  If you have the time, do thorough research online, looking out for positive reviews of suitable service providers. Some service providers may have more experience in handling specific wakes and funerals, such as location-specific ones, religion-specific wakes, or those catered to different styles of burial.
  • Fair Pricing
It is important that any packages offered have a transparent fee structure. Look out for potential hidden fees, miscellaneous charges and what nots. When enquiring with a funeral service provider, request for a breakdown of the charges, and go through them carefully. Make all of your (and the deceased) requests known upfront, and get the projected pricing. It is especially important that you (or the family and planners of the funeral) set a budget to work within, so as to ensure that all spending will be within means.
  • Unique, Specialised Services
Repatriation of loved ones. Memorial garden burial. Creating customised gemstones. These are just some of the many different specialised services that may be offered by a funeral service provider.  If you (or your beloved one who’s departed) have a special request, you may need to scout for a service provider who will be able to assist with it.  Nirvana Singapore provides customisable packages tailored to each individual’s needs. Talk with our care team to discuss the possibility of your request. There may be many things to consider, and worry about when it comes to a funeral. But a good funeral service provider and director will take care of the details, and allow you the space and time to grief.