Nirvana Memorial Garden

丹斯里鄺漢光 ( 创办人兼执行董事 )

Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong (丹斯里鄺漢光*), is the founder of our Group and has been our Executive Director since October 1990. He was appointed as our Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in February 2009. As the founder of our Group, Tan Sri Kong has been the driving force of our Group’s development, growth and expansion, and is primarily responsible for formulating the overall development strategies and business plans of our Group. Tan Sri Kong is the honorary advisor of a number of organizations in Malaysia, including the Federation of Chinese Association of Malaysia. Tan Sri Kong has been the honorary chairman of NV Foundation since July 2007. Tan Sri Kong has also been appointed as the honorary chairman of NV Foundation since July 2007.

We take pride in Business Integrity, Professionalism and Care, as they form the core values of Nirvana Asia Group. Boasting a track record of more than 20 years, our vast experience permeates across our well-oriented and systematic business model which is backed by an elite squad. The collective business acumens and insights that we have translate into a business competency that immortalizes our legendary presence in the industry.


1999年: 荣获马来西亚彭亨州苏丹颁以DIMP拿督封衔

2009年: 丹斯里邝汉光在殡葬行业的努力,获得国际的肯定,荣获“世界十大华人创业楷模”殊荣

2014年: 荣获马来西亚第一届企业金状元奖最高荣誉奖项“终身金状元”(个人终身成就大奖)

2015年: 接受国家元首封赐P.S.M丹斯里勋衔

2016年: 入榜2016年《福布斯》马来西亚50大富豪榜,登上第34名

2016年: 个人成功史被列入马来西亚纪录大全

2017年: 《福布斯》排名上升,荣登第24名

2017年: 荣登《福布斯》全球创变者

2017年: 荣获由世界华人经济峰会颁发的“终身成就奖”

2017年: 荣获由Top 10 of Asia Award颁发的“亚洲企业大奖”