Who We Are

nirvana memorial garden (Singapore)

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts one decade of experience in memorial park operations.

Nirvana encompasses the vision of modernization and globalization, without compromising on the importance of keeping pace with social needs. Through the deeply rooted Chinese funeral service industry, Nirvana enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of honour and reverence of ancestors by their descendants.

Nirvana lives by the “Caring for Life” philosophy. At Nirvana, you can always expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worry-free funeral services. Professionalism and quality of service are synonymous with our benchmarks that drive us towards excellence.

Our Story

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we offer a peaceful and singular experience for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Our tranquil, modern architecture and design space, with its grandiose and unforgettable luxury and prestige, provides a sense of coming home and allows you to find a quiet pause in the midst of life’s busyness. Whether you are a retiree looking for a peaceful retreat, an adult with children seeking support as you care got aging parents, or a working adult balancing the demands of daily life with the need to find solace, our grief-friendly facilities and resources invite you to take a deep exhale and melt the world away, bringing the present into focus. We invite you to find comfort and healthy at Nirvana Memorial Garden, a place where you can connect with your inner self and find peace.

Our Vision

To be a caring and responsible organization. We are committed to providing quality service to clients with personal care and attention.

Our Mission

To demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while assisting clients and their family members at the pivotal times of their lives.

To exercise our responsibility as an industry leader by setting high standards of service, safety and fair business practices.

Our Core Values

Love -

Care and respect to everyone
around us​

Integrity -

Being honest and doing
the right thing

Focus -

Delivering value to customer
and stakeholders

Empathy -

Exercising compassion to
ourselves and to others

Meet Our Leaders

  • Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong

    Founder and Executive Chairman

    Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong, is the founder of Nirvana Asia Group and has been the Executive Chairman since October 1990. He was appointed as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer in February 2009. As the founder of the Group, Tan Sri Kong has been the driving force of Nirvana Asia Group’s development, growth and expansion, and is primarily responsible for formulating its overall development strategies and business plans. Tan Sri Kong is the honorary advisor of a number of organizations in Malaysia, including the Federation of Chinese Association of Malaysia. Tan Sri Kong has also been the honorary chairman of NV Foundation since July 2007.

    “We take pride in Business Integrity, Professionalism and Care, as they form the core values of Nirvana Asia Group. Boasting a track record of more than 30 years, our vast experience permeates across our well-oriented and systematic business model which is backed by an elite squad. The collective business acumens and insights that we have translate into a business competency that immortalizes our legendary presence in the industry.”

  • Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong

    Group Chief Executive Officer

    Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong Yew Foong succeeded Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong as CEO of Nirvana Asia Group in 2019. He has been an executive director since August 2005 and was primarily responsible for overseeing the entire management of the Group’s business operations before being appointed CEO. Aside from that, he has been a director for multiple principal subsidiaries within the Group. A bachelor’s degree in commerce graduate from Australia’s University of Melbourne, Dato’ Sri Jeff Kong was admitted as an associate member of the Australia Certified Practising Accountant Association in February 2001 and appointed an audit assistant at KPMG from February 2002 to July 2003 prior to joining Nirvana Asia as personal assistant to the managing director and chief executive officer.

Our Partners

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we are proud to partner with a network of authorized distributors who offer compassionate and professional bereavement services to families in need. Our partners are carefully selected and trained to uphold the high standards of care and service that we offer at Nirvana Memorial Garden.

Whether you are seeking bereavement services for yourself or a loved one, our authorized distributors are equipped to provide the best possible support and guidance during this difficult time. Find a Nirvana Memorial Garden authorized distributor near you by exploring our network of trusted partners.


New Vision Group

Fu Gui Services

Singapore Lifestyle Associates

Our Culture ∙ Our Future

A culture that has stood the test of time for over a thousand years is like the flow of water – little by little, it eventually forms a rich history. Established in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group understands this sentiment deeply by embracing our tradition and culture with pride by offering a comprehensive suite of bereavement care services to honour and uplift life.

We embrace life with a positive perspective. Life deserves care, understanding and spiritual nourishment, and that is why we listen from the heart. We are an organisation that prides ourselves in paying tribute to life as well as caring for it. After all, life is measured by the value that we add to it, not by the time in which we are given.

Nirvana Asia Group sincerely champions the preservation of our cultural heritage by revolutionizing it for contemporary times with redefined meaning and added value. As we continuously progress by raising our standards of service through creativity and innovation, we shall pride ourselves in persistently safeguarding cultural heritage. We pay homage and respect to your departed loved ones regardless of status and faith. In other words, we nurture respect and love in recognition of the preciousness of life – past, present and future.


Our brand culture is rooted in the philosophy that everything is connected, whether it is through design and architecture that respects the local environment, the sourcing of our food, our associates’ empathetic service, or the experiences we curate.

Committed to our founding ethos of embracing the environment and empowering people, we care not only for our associates and guests who pass through our doors, but for all the communities in which we operate.

  • 2023

    In February: We donated $100,000 to the Singapore Red Cross to support relief efforts for the 'Pakistan Monsoon Floods'. This contribution aims to provide essential supplies, medical care, shelter, and food, as well as aid in rebuilding infrastructure in areas severely affected by the flooding caused by monsoon rains in Pakistan.
  • 2022

    In January: FRECCIA -- The first and only one of its kind in Asia, we are debuting our luxurious and stunning custom hearse as part of our sophisticated selection for families who wish to send their loved one off in style. "An exclusive service only for our privileged clients."
  • 2021

    In January: We donated $10,000 to the Singapore Red Cross to support their mission to raise funds for sustaining essential local humanitarian services which benefit the less fortunate at their inaugural virtual concert "Black Cat Theatre: Plenteous Love".
  • 2020

    In October: Journey with Love, First in Asia signature spa treatment is delivered by a team of professionally trained female embalmers & beauticians dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for the deceased body.
  • 2018

    In April: We have been awarded the title "Largest Bereavement Company in Singapore" by Singapore Books of Record (SBOR)
  • 2017

    In April: We commenced sales of Funeral Service Packages.
  • 2016

    In June: We attained extended lease tenure from 2029 to 2098.
  • 2009

    In January: We began operating Nirvana Memorial Garden Pte Ltd.

Awards & Recognition

Nirvana Memorial Garden aspires to keep improving through constant innovation as we raise our service standards through new offerings.

The professional team of Nirvana Memorial Garden has earned goodwill as a role model for their diligence and dedication. Their tireless efforts paid off handsomely as affirmed by the accolades won by the group. Such recognition is the drive that keeps us growing from strength to strength as we expand our wings.

  • 2020: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification

    Nirvana Memorial Garden has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification, which ensures that the quality of our products and services are continuously monitored, maintained and improved.
  • 2019: bizSAFE Level 3 certification

    by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council
  • 2018: Singapore Book Of Records (SBOR)

    Largest Bereavement Company in Singapore by Singapore Books of Records (SBOR)
  • 2018: Singapore Book Of Records (SBOR)

    New Record-Breaking -- "Most Number of People Tossing Salad Together"
  • 2017: Corporate Bronze Award

    by Community Chest Award (Singapore)
  • 2016: Token of Appreciation

    by President Tony Tan Keng Yam for the organization’s generosity on President’s Challenge
  • 2015: Token of Appreciation

    by President Tony Tan Keng Yam for the organization’s generosity on President’s Challenge
  • 2015: The Hoffen Award

    by One Asia Awards (Singapore)
  • 2015: Excellence Brand Award

    by Brands Entrepreneurs' Alliance (Singapore)
  • 2013: AFE Awards

    Corporate Social Responsibility Award & Marketing Strategy Award
  • 2012: AFE Awards

    Asia Outstanding Brand in Funeral Services Industry & Asia Outstanding Award in Multi-National Expansion
  • Certificates of Appreciation 2017

    By various organisations including: National Kidney Foundation (NKF Singapore) for Nirvana’s commitment towards kidney patients on Volunteers Appreciation Day, Shan You for Nirvana’s strong support towards “The Elephant in Our Community”, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital for Nirvana’s generous support towards elderly on Community Care Day 2018.
  • Certificates of Appreciation 2018

    By various organisations including: Shan You for Nirvana’s generosity towards A Getai Date with Mum Charity Night, National Kidney Foundation (NKF Singapore) for Nirvana’s support during NKF’s Vesak Day Charity Drive.
  • Certificates of Appreciation 2018 - 2021

    By various organisations including: Shan You for Nirvana’s strong support towards “The Elephant in Our Community”, National Kidney Foundation (NKF Singapore) towards kidney patients, Red Cross for Nirvana’s donation during the Virtual Charity Concert “Black Cat Theatre: Plenteous Love”.
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Our Branches

From the first approved private memorial park in Semenyih, Selangor, Nirvana Asia Group has since expanded to Shah Alam, Klang and Ijok (Selangor), Penang Island and Bukit Mertajam (Penang), Kulai, Segamat and Tiram (Johor), Kuala Lumpur, Sungai Petani (Kedah), Ipoh (Perak), Melaka, Kota Kinabalu (Sabah) and Sibu (Sarawak). Nirvana Asia Group also currently has international presence in Jakarta and Medan (Indonesia), Ban Bueng (Thailand) and Singapore.

About Nirvana Asia Group

Established in 1990, Nirvana Asia Group is a world-class, full-fledged integrated bereavement care provider with over three decades of experience in memorial park operations. We play a vital role in promoting culture, most notably in funeral rites and traditions within the Malaysian Chinese community. We aspire to constantly keep improving, innovating and raising our standards of service as a leader in the industry in Malaysia and Asia as a whole.

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