Corporate Events

2024 Feng Shui & Chinese Zodiac Forecast Event

Corporate Events

Experience the Extraordinary: Join Our Exclusive Corporate Events at Nirvana Memorial Garden. Designed for both valued customers and the public, these curated gatherings promise sophisticated engagement and meaningful connections. From insightful seminars to captivating product launches, be part of moments that celebrate success. Join us and elevate your experiences with Nirvana Memorial Garden’s exceptional corporate events – where every occasion is a unique celebration, and your presence adds the perfect touch.

2024 Feng Shui & Chinese Zodiac Forecast Event

2023 Chinese Zodiac & Fengshui Seminar

2022 Feng Shui & Chinese Zodiac Forecast Webinar

2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

2021 CNY Celebration (Virtual Event)

2021 Ox Zodiac Fengshui (Virtual Webinar)

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