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Suite H501A

Explore new suites and revisit your favourite ones from the control of your space. Your journey begins with just a click.

Our Offerings

Columbaria & Pedestals

Navigate the intricate designs of our luxury columbaria and pedestals. Find fuller details on our offerings in our product section.

Funerals Services

We ensure a dignified farewell with meticulously planned funeral services. Visit our services section for detailed insights.

Prayer Services

Our prayer services assure a dignified homage to your loved ones. Navigate to our prayers section for detailed information.

Our Well-being Philosophy

Find peace and solace in our bereavement and afterlife services, designed to help you navigate the difficult journey of grief. Immerse yourself in the calming presence of nature and find comfort in traditional healing practices. Allow yourself to feel nourished and renewed as you take time to reflect and find closure. Our compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way.


Prayer Events

Join us in our upcoming prayer events, a sanctuary for remembrance. Visit our festive calendar of events for more insights.

Life Education

Life Cafe

Every bustling city should have a corner for us to pause, reflect, and contemplate our lives. Learn to care, let go, and practice saying goodbye properly.

Wellness at Nirvana

Lotus Fold

At the heart of Lotus Fold, we focus on a holistic wellness event. Embark on a spiritual and physical rejuvenation journey with Lotus Fold's wellness program at Nirvana. Explore more about our offerings.

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