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Nirvana Memorial Garden’s Eternal Blessing of Lights

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we offer the traditional Buddhist practice of offering lamps, symbolizing the dispelling of ignorance and the attainment of enlightenment. Our Eternal Blessing Lights, in the form of exquisite crystal Buddhas, Bodhisattavs and artificial candles , emit a soft light that can b e dedicated to enlightened beings. This meritorious practice not only brings good fortune, but also helps improve family dynamics, career, health, and overall fortunes during difficult times, and loss. Experience the meaningful and beautiful tradition of offering light at Nirvana Memorial Garden.


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Explore Annual Enlightenment Ceremony

Eternal Blessing Lights

Honour and remember your loved ones with Eternal Blessing Lights and traditional crystal lamps available at Nirvana Memorial Garden. Symbolizing enlightenment and dispelling ignorance, these lamps bring remembrance and blessings for family, career, health, and overall fortunes. Dedicate an Eternal Blessing Light today for hope and greater happiness during challenging times. Explore our bereavement lamps collection at Nirvana Memorial Garden.

Urn Placement

Honour your loved ones uniquely and memorably at the Columbarium, a masterpiece of bereavement architecture at Nirvana Memorial Garden. This distinctive space combines spiritual comfort with contemporary design, creating a unique tribute with a modern facade. Discover the Columbarium for a unique and memorable experience.

Pray on Behalf

A contemporary adaptation of traditional Chinese family values and customs, caters to our busy lifestyles. Despite early departures and late returns from work, this service ensures uninterrupted practice of ancestral worship during significant festivals. It effortlessly bridges the interplay of tradition and modernity, ensuring filial piety is observed regardless of our physical location.

Festive Prayer

Delve into the serenity of traditional observance through our prayer services. Navigate towards our festive schedule for an immersive experience at Nirvana.

About Nirvana Memorial Garden

Established in 2009, Nirvana Memorial Garden is part of Malaysian conglomerate Nirvana Asia Group, a world-class, full-fledged bereavement care provider that boasts more than 3 decades of experience in the bereavement care industry.
Nirvana encompasses the vision of modernization and globalization, without compromising on the importance of keeping pace with social needs. Through the deeply rooted Chinese funeral service industry, Nirvana enriches the fine quality of the Chinese bereavement culture through continuing the tradition of honour and reverence of ancestors by their descendants.
Nirvana lives by the “Caring for Life” philosophy. At Nirvana, you can always expect a pleasant experience during a pivotal moment through professional, detailed, comprehensive and well-acclaimed, one-stop-worry-free funeral services. Professionalism and quality of service are synonymous with our benchmarks that drive us towards excellence.
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