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《写给天上的你》音乐会 ~ 用音乐疗愈心灵

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Join us for insightful conversations about life and death in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Engage in meaningful dialogues that celebrate the beauty of life while contemplating its inevitable transition. Our events also include seminars and workshops, providing a comprehensive exploration of life’s profound journey. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, Life Cafe Events offer a comforting space to share stories, reflect on memories, and participate in educational sessions that deepen our understanding of life.

《写给天上的你》音乐会 ~ 用音乐疗愈心灵

拥抱爱 双亲茶聚

《阿嬷去了哪儿》– 生命教育亲子讲座


Life Cafe Board Game

Life Cafe Symposium

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